India's Youngest Aerospace Entrepreneurs

NewsBoy March 01, 2019

Pune: Mihir Pandey and Bijendra Choudhary Two JuniorCollege Mates aged 19 and 18 respectively and Currently youngest aerospace entrepreneurs of India. Together, they are the brain behind the Start-up Spacians- Think Beyond Gravitation. The aim of the Start-up is to design and innovate new Innovative Ideas into Product for next generation space technology. The Start-up is founded in January 2019 by Founder Mihir Pandey and Bijendra Choudhary to revolutionize, Aerospace technology with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets with the help of Innovation. At Spacians, Innovation Isn't Just An Idea — It's A Way of Life a . Mihir and Bijendra are the youngest the Aerospace Entrepreneurs of India. When asked about how they managed to achieve this feat, the Founder's responded by saying “reading books related to Aerospace Engneering and Understanding the Laws of  Physics Help us to Innovate new Ideas”. These two are currently developing there Ideas into Products.

"I have always looked at the sky and wondered what the cosmos held for mankind. A mere look through a telescope at the vistas of the sky, sparks the mind, makes one curious and excited and opens up a new mental horizon for the person," says Bijendra. And " I'm really hopeful about the future of space exploration and human spaceflight. Civilization as we know it has been defined by exploration. You know, we need to go off and find out what's around the next corner," says Mihir .The Start-up is currently in the early stage of Developing there three Innovative Ideas Bhumi Vidyut, Aakash Vidyut and Vayu Vidyut into a Product.

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